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Is Your Pet Ready for Summer?

June 28, 2019

Preparing your pet for summer is essential if he is to be happy, healthy, and safe during the hottest season of the year.

Here are our top tips for getting your pet summer-ready.

Get Grooming

Grooming is an essential part of pet care all year round, but especially when it comes to preparing for summer. This is because a good bath and a few robust brushing sessions will help him to shed his winter coat, something which is important if he isn't going to overheat in the rising temperatures of the summer season. Don't be tempted to shave off his coat as this will prevent him from being able to self-regulate his body temperature. You should also inspect and clip your pet's claws to ensure they are in good, sharp condition as this will help him when he is spending time outside, particularly if you have a cat that likes to roam as he relies on his claws for gripping when climbing. Grooming can be done at home, or as many owners prefer, you can enlist the services of a professional who has the skill and experience at managing a wide range of different pets.

Book an Appointment with Our Vet at Stewart Animal Clinic to Check Your Pet's Preventative Care Is up to Date

Your pet is almost certainly already on a preventative care schedule to help keep him safe from the many infectious diseases and parasites that can make him sick and his life pretty unpleasant. While preventative care is important all year round, it is especially important to make sure that it is up to date ahead of the summer season. Hotter, more humid weather means that certain types of parasites capable of spreading disease are more likely - specifically ticks and mosquitos. Both of these creatures can spread a myriad of debilitating and even deadly illnesses including heartworms, Lyme disease, Encephalitis, Ehrlichiosis, and more. By scheduling an appointment with one of our veterinarians at Stewart Animal Clinic and checking that your pet's preventative care is up to date, you can relax knowing that he isn't at risk of developing a preventable disease.

Microchip Your Pet

We aren't the only ones who like to spend more time outdoors when the weather gets warmer. Many cats enjoy nothing more than roaming away from home, while summer affords dog owners the perfect excuse for long walks and outside activities with their pets. Even smaller mammals such as rabbits, ferrets, or tortoises might be outside more than usual when summer rolls around. Unfortunately, all this extra time outside does slightly increase the likelihood of your precious pet being lost or stolen, even if you have taken every step possible to keep him safe.

Microchipping is a fairly new method of identification that involves a small chip being placed under your pet's skin. This chip lays dormant unless a radio frequency scanner is passed over it, such as those kept by vets, animal shelters, and wardens. If your lost pet is found and scanned, the chip will reveal details of the microchip provider and a unique reference id that enables the provider to find your details. You can then be made aware that your pet has been found and you can be reunited. A collar and tag are still beneficial in case he is discovered locally, but otherwise, experts agree that microchipping is a very reliable and efficient way to increase the chances that your pet is returned to you.

Don't Forget the Sunscreen!

Sunscreen isn't just for the humans in your home. Despite his furry coat, your pet could be at risk of being burnt if he spends too long in the direct sun. As a responsible owner, we recommend that you invest in pet sunscreen for him to wear if he is spending time outside, particularly if he has a short, fine coat. Follow the application instructions exactly as directed to ensure the best coverage. Don't be tempted to use your own sunscreen on him either as it may contain ingredients that aren't safe for him. Buy one that is approved for veterinary use instead.

Need to know more about the best way to get your pet prepped and ready for the summer? Don't hesitate to make an appointment at our veterinary clinic in Warrior, AL today where our team will be happy to offer their advice and support. Call us at (205) 647-8140!