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Dog Boarding Secrets

March 17, 2019

If you haven't boarded your dog before we understand that there are plenty of things that you probably don't yet know about the process.

There are also bound to be a number of stories and suggestions that you have heard and been told that may not be entirely accurate. This can lead to a lot of confusion, here we will unveil some of the biggest dog boarding secrets that you need to know before your pet's stay.

You Will Need to Book as Far in Advance as You Can

Kennels are like good restaurants - at busy times of the year, they are booked up very quickly. Certain times of year tend to be more in demand as far as dog boarding is concerned, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break. If you have found a boarding facility in Warrior, AL that you think is ideal for your dog, you will want to ensure that they have space when you need it most, otherwise, you could end up forced to send your dog somewhere less than ideal purely because they have space. As soon as you know you are going to need boarding, get your pet booked in with your chosen kennel.

Not All Boarding Facilities Are Created Equal

If you haven't boarded your dog before, you may think that all facilities are fairly equal in terms of the care that they provide. However, this is often far from the case. Some kennels are small, intimate affairs housing only a handful of dogs at a time, while others can accommodate far more and have much larger, business-like set-ups. The services that they can provide can also differ, with some sticking to a basic boarding schedule and others offering additional activities such as medical check-ups, dental care, grooming, and even socialization classes. Make sure that your chosen kennel has the facilities and services that you and your dog will value the most.

There Is No Specific Age You Should Start Boarding

Many people are naturally wary about starting to board their dog at a young age. However, much like sending a child to nursery before going to full-time school, gradually exposing your furbaby to boarding can be very beneficial and make the process much easier. It is recommended that he has had all of his core and optional vaccinations before he starts staying in kennels as this will reduce his risk of contracting an infectious disease.

It Is Highly Unlikely that Your Dog Will Become Sick when in Kennels

Living in close proximity to lots of other animals can make owners particularly worried about their pet developing illness. However, while there is no guarantee that your dog won't become sick after boarding, it is highly unlikely and this is largely because of the strict hygiene and cleanliness protocols that kennels have, with staff that strives to make the environment as hygienic and sterile as possible. Kennels also insist on proof of vaccinations ahead of admitting animals, which again is a preventative step in protecting the population of animals in their care against infectious illness.

You Don't Need to Change Your Pet's Food

Many owners live under the misconception that their dog will need to eat whatever brand of food is offered by the kennel. However, research has shown that changing a dog's diet, even just for a few days, can have a significant effect on his digestive system. For this reason, veterinarians in Warrior, AL actually recommend that you avoid changing your dog's food wherever possible. Most kennels offer a range of popular branded foods, but if your pet's isn't among them, they should have no problem with you providing his own.

There Is No Such Thing as Too Much Information

Dogs are like children in a lot of ways. There is only so much that they can do to take care of themselves, and it isn't always easy or possible for them to communicate with us in a way that we understand. As a result, there is no such thing as too much information when it comes to giving your chosen boarding facility details about your pet. This includes health and medical information, allergies, and any behavior or temperament points that you think that they should be aware of. This will make it easier for them to understand your dog and ensure that he gets the care that he needs.

Dogs with Medical Conditions Can Still Be Boarded

Dogs can get sick just like we can. However, this doesn't mean that your furbaby can't be boarded, only that he will need a little extra special care and attention while you are apart. For this reason, most facilities have a number of staff who are well trained in the administration of different medications and their effects. Just because your dog has medical requirements doesn't mean that she can't be successfully boarded.

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